Computer Repair & Service Rates

Our computer repair prices are simple and straight-forward, either a flat rate or hourly rate.
Our prices are honest….. No Added Surprises!

 We will not mislead you by claiming low prices, then adding extra charges. You can feel comfortable with our 30 Day Labor Warranty.

General Labor Hourly Rates

Most jobs are set at a Flat Rate (see below). For jobs other than those, the below rates apply. 

In-Shop Hourly Rate

$50 for the first hour, then charged in 15 minute increments.

On-Site Home Computer Repair Rate

$75 for the first hour, then charged in 15 minute increments.

On-Site Business Computer Repair

$85 for the first hour (servers higher), then charged in 15 minute increments.

Bench/Diagnostic Fee - all devices

$40 (Non-Refundable, but is applied toward cost of repair)


 Computer Virus Repair & Spyware Removal 

Virus & Spyware Removal Only (no tuneup or updates)

$89 In-Shop / $Hourly On-Site

Virus & Spyware Removal Plus System Clean-Tune-Update, Optimization/Speedup

$130 In-Shop / $Hourly On-Site

 The Full Service Option includes Complete System Cleanup, Tune-Up, Optimization, and System & Software Updates.


Windows Installation or Reinstall 

Windows Reinstall: Wipe Drive & Clean Install (no data recovery)

$129 Flat Rate (In-Shop only)

 Need your data saved & restored?… Add $40 (up to 100GB)


Windows 10 Upgrades 

Windows 10 Upgrades

$129 Flat Rate (Labor) (In-Shop Only)
Windows DVD/License supplied by customer

Need your data saved & restored?… Add $40 (up to 100GB)

Please note that Windows XP and Windows 7 machines are no longer supported. 


Data Recovery Service 

Data Recovery
(Up to 100GB of data).

$80 In-Shop / Hourly On-Site
(Hard drive repair, if needed, not included)

 Includes direct transfer to either a backup hard drive, or to another PC. Copying to DVD’s extra.


Laptop Repair Rates:

Please note we use a different prices for PC (Windows) versus Apple MACBook laptops…. Why? 

MACBook laptops are a much more advanced design that makes them thinner and lighter. This means that repairs require a much higher level of skill and additional time to do the repairs. It’s even more so for the MACBook Air and the models with the Retina display.

 Note: This may also apply to some Windows UltraBooks, as some models are as thin and light as MACBook Air laptops. 

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

$135 PC / $165 MACBook
$195 MACBook Air or Retina

Laptop DC Jack Repair or Replace

$165 PC / $195 MACBook
$215 MACBook Air or Retina

Laptop Motherboard Replacement

$165 PC / $185 MACBook
$200 MACBook Air or Retina

Other Hardware Repairs

Varies, usually $90 - $150


*Above Rates are for Labor Only. Parts not included. We’ll give you a parts quote after diagnosis.

Note to Customers Regarding ALL Service Work: 

All jobs are subject to a minimum bench/diagnostic fee, regardless of whether the customer chooses to proceed with the repair or not. This is credited toward the final cost of the repair, so rest assured, it is not an extra fee.

We’re sorry to do this, but we’ve been hurt by situations where we spent hours troubleshooting a machine without being paid for any of our time, after a customer decided not to proceed with the repair.

All work is covered by a labor only 30 day warranty. If the same problem re-occurs within 30 days of the original repair (stated on the invoice), COE Computer Repair & Service, LLC will only charge for any additional parts that may be required. Excludes faults caused by software, virus and end user errors.

COE Computer Repair & Service, LLC is a service-oriented business and does not stock parts. All parts required for repairs must be special ordered or supplied by the customer. All special ordered parts require full payment in advance.


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